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Welcome to K9 Training.

K9 Training Centre in Treesbank has been helping people train their dogs for over 30 years. We offer obedience training for all breeds and levels of dogs, from puppy classes all the way up to advanced obedience.

About The Club

Whether you are just looking for some basic obedience skills, enjoy dog training as a hobby, or even want to compete in obedience competitions, we can help you train your dog to the level you want. Our classes are on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Training Classes

We have several obedience levels that cater to every level of experience. Our Obedience Training is for all breeds and includes Obedience, Socialising, Retrieve, Agility, Tracking and Protection Work. Training is an important part of any dog’s life and improves character, confidence and stability.



This is our class for dogs that have never had any obedience training. The course is 4 weeks long and specific disciplines are taught each week.


These classes are for dogs who have completed the Elementary Class. These classes practice and expand further the commands taught in Elementary.


These classes continue the refinement and practice of previous commands, as well as introducing new ones.


These classes start to prepare our dogs for the most advanced level of training. There is a big jump from the Intermediate Class.


Our highest class level includes off-leash Obedience as well Field Work exercises, Retrieve, Scent Work and some Manwork.

Puppy Socialisation


Puppy Socialisation classes can help your pup get off to a good start, with exposure to interesting situations and activities in a supportive environment.

Manwork (Protection)

Our practical and fun Protection Training classes are on Wednesday evenings. These classes are only available to dogs in the Advanced Obedience class. 

Watch Video: K9 Training Protection Demo



Flyball is an exciting team dog sport for ball crazy dogs. Teams race against each other and the fastest clean run wins. In competition teams race against each other in a best out of 3 fashion.

Where We Are

Our training grounds are centrally located from Fourways, Lonehill, Kyalami and surrounds. We are around the corner from Pinnacle College and close to the Riversands Market. Find us at 13 Lynx street, Treesbank.

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